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Grand master fab cella

                                                          Grandmaster Fab Cella

With Over 30 Years in the Martial Arts, Grand Master Fabrizio Cella has accumulated vast experience and is recognized worldwide for his skills as a teacher, mentor, adjudicator and examiner, always striving to improve himself as a Martial Artist and a Teacher.

Currently holding rank in various Martial arts and fighting styles.

Hapkido 5th Dan. Kyusho-Jitsu 8th Dan. H.P.P.T international examiner. Philippine Martial Arts 4th Dan.  Chido-Kan Karate 1st Dan. Goshin-Rhyu Karate 8th Dan. Ryukyu Kempo Karate 7th Dan. Boxing, Kick Boxing and Grappling Muay Thai Kru (head trainer)

Certified Martial Arts instructor in Kyusho Jitsu, Hapkido, Filippino Sticks Combatives, H.P.P.T. ( Humane Pressure Points Tactics ), Combat Pressure Points Knife & Close Quarter Combat.

Master Instructor & Examiner Korea Hapkido International, Master Instructor & Examiner H.P.P.T., Master Instructor & Examiner Kyusho International Alliance / Kyusho Australasia, Master Instructor & Examiner Dillman Karate International, Master Instructor & Examiner Muay Thai certified by the Thai government, Master Instructor & Examiner Martial Arts University for Filipino Stick Combatives, Combat Pressure Points Modules & Weapon Mastery Program  

Memberships: Member of various National and International Martial Arts Associations including Philippine Martial Arts Alliance, Korea Hapkido International, Martial Arts Professionals, Bushido Arts International, Dillman Karate International, Kyusho International Alliance, Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy

Certificate I, II, III. and IV Remedial Massage - Diplomas in Remedial, Deep Muscle, Sports, Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point therapy. Member of: Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Founder / Executive Director of HPPT Australia. Founder / Executive Director Kyusho Australia / Kyusho Australasia. Founder / Executive Director Cella Kyusho Australia. Australian Representative: Dillman Karate International. Australian Regional Director Kyusho International Alliance. National Coach ( Australian Sports Commission ). Level 1 Martial Arts Industry association Accredited Coach. Martial Arts University Coach Examiner and Master Instructor  

Other Work Experience - Vast experience in the Security Industry covering areas such as ·   Personal Protection Specialist (corporate) ·   Level 4 Body Guard (Member of the Comitatus) ·   The Hotel, Club, Night Club & Retail industry ·   Armed escorts for Cash & Valuables in Transit ·   Alarm Response/ Patrols/ Crowd control ·   Management of Large Functions & Events

Worked in conjunction with: American, Italian and Australian Secret Service. State and Federal Police. NSW Tactical Response and Bomb Squad. Australian Army Bomb Unit. Australian Counter-Terrorism & Special Operations Unit. U.S. Helicopter Snipers Unit. U.S. Presidential Security Detail. U.S. White House Police. American Homeland Security Field Operations Unit. Providing for the Safety and Protection of many International Presidents, Magistrates, Ministers, Dignitaries and Celebrities

Certificates, Diplomas & Licences - NSW Security License 1ABCFG, Senior First Aid Certificate, Certificate II in Security Guarding, Certificate II in Security Operations, Certificate III in Security Operations, Certificate IV Security & Risk Management,   Certificate III Provide for Safety of Person at Risk. Completed Government accredited program in Close Personal Protection Level 1, 2, 3 and 4. Inducted in the order of the COMITATUS (No JF36). Certificate I, II, & III Counter-Terrorism.  Certificate I, II, & III Counter Stalking. Certificate I, II, & III Counter Kidnapping. Certificate I, II, & III Surveillance & Counter Surveillance. Certificate I, II, & III Motorcade Operations, Planning & Leading. Certificate I, II, & III Personal Security Planning. Certificate I, II, & III Advance Planning & Route Planning for Protection of Persons at Risk. Certificate I, II, & III Threat Assessment Research & Communication. Certificate I, II, & III Entertainment Security, Handling Crowds & Autograph Signing. Certificate I Hi scan XRAY Machine Screening, Operation and Interpretation, Certificate IV Assess Risk & Assess Threat, Certificate IV Advise on Security Needs, Certificate IV Monitor and Review Security Operations.     NSW Liquor Administration Board Certificate in RSA (THHBFB09B), NSW Liquor Administration Board Certificate in RCG (THHADG03B), Work Cover Cert. in OH&S Risk Mgmt for Supervisors & Managers (No. 1048), NSW Fire Arms Licence Class A, B & H (H Accr. Revolvers & semi-auto), Member Goulburn Rifle Club Sniper Division, Australian Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence (HC), Waterways Boat Driver Licence, P.A.D.I. Advanced Open Water Diver/Rescue/Night/Wreck/Deep/enriched air/peak performance, Licence Commonwealth of Australia CASA Flight Crew Licence.

Trained With some of the best in the world - Grand Master Fari Salievski ( Australia ), Grand Master George Dillman (U.S.A.), Grand Master Steve Stewart ( Canada ), Master Julius Mellegrito ( U.S.A.), Master Tommy Lee ( U.S.A.), Master Fariborz Azhakh ( U.S.A.), Master Roland Osbourne (Millennium Training), Master Richard Norton ( Australia ), Master John Will (Australia), GM Ernie Rayes (USA), Master Superfoot Bill Wallace (USA), Master Mike Chat (the blue Power Ranger), Master Liborio (American Top Team), Master Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jujitsu, Master Toddy (Thailand)