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"Changing Hearts
Changing Minds - Changing Lives"

Martial Arts For Everyone

Firstly we want to assure you that making the decision to train with KMA will be one of the best life choices you could make. We are the very best at what we do - so the time you spend researching us is time well spent. We provide the very latest and best in martial arts training. KMA boasts unrivalled state of the art facilities, achieving international & local recognition with awards for excellence.

We know that making the decision to find out more about martial arts, is for some people, a brave step in itself. You have done that - well done! And you have, by either accident or design, found the most the most trusted name in Liverpool & the most progressive cutting edge martial arts schools in Australia - Congratulations!

As an adult beginner or parent, you may have had some apprehension about joining yourself or your child, in our classes. New challenges are difficult for everyone - we know! We also know that by taking this first step, you are opening the door to a whole new world. By becoming part of that world, you are beginning a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that will bring about changes in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Over time you will find that we teach so much more than just Self Defence. We are excited to have you join our TEAM. It is said that a 1000 mile journey begins with the first step, so visit our school & learn martial arts for fitness, self-defence and above all, to learn a martial arts way of Life

KMA has helped thousands of people to use discipline of martial arts to conquer their fears and transferring that power to all areas of their lives. No other activity can do this better!

Fact is we are the "ONLY" martial arts school that owns its building in Condell Park...this means YOU get the best value rates, we are here to stay and will not disappear!

KMA offers membership levels to meet your needs, goals & lifestyle!

Service - Value - Choice Of Memberships
Casual - Basic Program - Black Belt Club ™- Masters Club™

We have age specific classes with various styles and an enormous schedule (over 50 classes per week). Classes from Monday through to Saturday.

Some teach in school halls, small industrial complexes, some have no leases while others are on a month by month lease, which means they can disappear tomorrow! We have no such problems at KMA as WE OWN OUR BUILDING. 

There is no compromise on student service and YES we have air conditioning !

The famous & Internationally renowned recommending KMA
Great network, great people recommending KMA, check them out! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQm_IC82iVUZ3HBWkeV9AwdfmnRb3iujO